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UNAVSA History and Milestones





2003 – Founders meet at Dai Hoi 3

2004 – First NAVSA Conference held in Boston, MA; First election held

2004 – Quoc Phan beats Minh Chau in election — becomes first President

2005 – NAVSA collaboration with VIA-1 to host second NAVSA Conference; CPP formed — VietACT is first beneficiary; Second election held — Tony Ngo becomes President

2006 – Third uNAVSA Conference hosted in San Jose, CA, Third election held — Hai Ton becomes President; Calayst Foundation selected as CPP beneficiary

2007 – Fouth uNAVSA Conference hosted in New Orleans, LA; Fourth election held — Hai Ton remains President as Executive Board terms are extended to two-years; V.O.I.C.E selected as CPP beneficiary

2008 – Fifth uNAVSA Conference hosted in Portland, OR; Fifth election held — Brian Vo becomes President; VietHope selected as CPP beneficiary

2009 – Sixth uNAVSA Conference hosted in Atlanta, GA; Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation selected as CPP beneficiary

2010 – Seventh uNAVSA Conference hosted in Washington, D.C.; Six election held — Dan Huynh becomes President; Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation selected as CPP beneficiary

2011 – “u” in uNAVSA is capitalized — now UNAVSA;¬†Eighth UNAVSA Conference hosted in Denver, CO; Children of Vietnam selected as CPP beneficiary




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