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MailChimp Guide

Step 1: Log-in

¬†Step 2: Create Campaign (regular ol’ campaign)


Step 3: Select List and select ‘Send to Entire List’ or ‘Send to Segment’


Step 4: Fill-Out Campaign Info

Step 5: Select a Template


Step 6: Edit Tagline


Step 7: Edit Message by clicking ‘Edit’ in the body section of the template.


Step 8: Write or Import your message into MailChimp.

Tip: Make sure you use the “Clear Styles”tool to strip text of their original formatting.

Step 9: Make sure you spell check, and confirm all of your settings



Step 10: Double/Triple check e-mail to ensure no spelling/grammar errors. If you are ready, click “Send Now”


Do you want to make e-mails personalized? Use this code: 

Code for Personalized E-mails:

*|IF:FNAME|*Hello *|TITLE:FNAME|*,*|ELSE:|*Hello UNAVSA Community,*|END:IF|*


Mailchimp Segmenting Screencast


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