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Basecamp Tips & Tricks

Add the Basecamp Calendar to your Google Calendar

Step 1: Find/Copy your iCalendar link by right clicking on “Glocal iCalendar” and selecting “Copy Link Location”

You should have something like this copied:


Step 2: We need to do some URL assembly. Copy and paste your iCalendar URL in front of this URL


Step 3: Your result will be something like this:


Step 4: Replace “webcal” to “http”, you should have something like this:


Step: 5 Be sure you are logged-in to your UNAVSA account, copy and paste the above link into a browser and visit the page to add to your calendar.

Embedded Spreadsheet from Google Docs

<iframe src=”http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=YOUR_KEY_HERE” width=”450″>test</iframe>

Dynamically Show/Hide Images

*View the graph:* <a href=”#”>Show/Hide</a>

Note! It is important that you name the DIV tag in your code something unique to your post, especially if you have multiple posts in your basecamp that use this collapse/expand code. Otherwise, no matter which post you choose to example, the first post on that page with the same DIV name will expand. In the example above, you would rename “rename_me”.


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