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Vietnamese Heritage Flag and the National Anthem of South Vietnam

This is a resource created to help individuals understand why the Vietnamese Community in North America recognizes the Heritage Flag (yellow background, and three horizontal red bands in the middle) and the National Anthem of South Vietnam .

The meaning of the Vietnamese Heritage Flag’s Colors

The yellow background represents the ancestral land and the color of the Vietnamese race. The yellow color also represents earth  symbolizing the territory and the national sovereignty.

The red color represents fire. The red color is also the color of the South and symbolizes a brave, un-submissive, heroic, and independent race in the south region, Vietnam, which is separated from the north region, China.

The three red bands represent the three regions of Vietnam: North, Central, and South. But, these three regions unite in the national home, the home of the Vietnamese people, who always love and protect one another.

Why do we (the Vietnamese Community in North America) recognize the heritage flag instead of the National flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (Red flag with Yellow star)?

The Vietnamese Heritage Flag represents a home our parents were forced to leave behind in pursuit of a better life. We, as beneficiaries of this sacrifice, continue to recognize the flag.

The Vietnamese Heritage Flag continues to be the official emblem of Free Vietnam for the freedom-loving Vietnamese people in Vietnam and abroad. It represents the peaceful opportunity, the everlasting success, and the imposing victory of Vietnamese people.

The Vietnamese Heritage Flag has been through ups and downs with the Vietnamese people’s imposing history. It represents democracy, freedom, human rights, brave will, peace and prosperity, and unity during the course of building and protecting the country of Vietnamese’s ancestors.

The Vietnamese Heritage Flag is not solely the property of any regime or any government. It is the state property of free Vietnamese people.  Where there is a Vietnamese Heritage Flag, there are love, democracy, freedom, and human rights.


Vietnamese Lyrics

Này Công Dân ơi! Đứng lên đáp lời sông núi.
Đồng lòng cùng đi hy sinh tiếc gì thân sống.
Vì tương lai Quốc Dân, cùng xông pha khói tên,
Làm sao cho núi sông từ nay luôn vững bền.
Dù cho thây phơi trên gươm giáo,
Thù nước, lấy máu đào đem báo.
Nòi giống lúc biến phải cần giải nguy,
Người Công Dân luôn vững bền tâm trí.
Hùng tráng quyết chiến đấu làm cho khắp nơi
Vang tiếng người nước Nam cho đến muôn đời!
Công Dân ơi! Mau hiến thân dưới cờ!
Công Dân ơi! Mau làm cho cõi bờ
Thoát cơn tàn phá, vẻ vang nòi giống
Xứng danh nghìn năm giòng giống Lạc Hồng!


English Tranlation

Oh citizens! And at our Country’s call
Of one heart we go forth, sacrificing ourselves with no regrets
For the future of the people, advance into battle
Let us make this land eternally strong
Should our bodies be left on the battlefields
The nation will be avenged with our crimson blood
The Race in times of crisis will be rescued
We the People remain resolute in our hearts and minds
Courageously we will fight such that everywhere
The Glory of the Vietnamese resounds for eternity
Oh citizens! Hasten to offer yourselves under the flag!
Oh citizens! Hasten to defend this land
Escape from destruction, and bask our Race in glory
Be forever worthy of the Lạc Hồng descendants!




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