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Sponsorship Committee

The purpose of this committee is to connect with past sponsors as well as create relationships with new corporate and local sponsors to promote the conference and achieve the sponsorship goal for the year. Sponsorship traditionally makes up close to 50% of the funding for conference. Therefore the more sponsorship we have, the more it will allow us to create value for conference attendees.

Committee Director & Members
The sponsorship committee has a unique need for well-spoken persons and especially those that have experience working with businesses or the external community.  It is pertinent for the director and committee members to be good with follow-up and have a persistent personality to persevere through objections and potential rejections from companies and persons they are seeking sponsorship from.  They also have to understand this is a numbers game and the more people and company they reach out to, the better their chances of reaching their sponsorship goal.   Committee should ideally consist of between 4-6 people and committee members should be selected within 2-3 weeks of selection of Sponsorship Director.  Here are the qualities for the director and committee members:

Sponsorship Director:  

  • Ability to manage, lead, and motivate committee members to withstand obstacles and continue reaching for the sponsorship goals
  • Results oriented so constantly keeps track of the pledges and distance to goals
  • Strategic mind to create and develop plans to reach the goals in a timely manner
  • Well spoken, professional, persuasive, personable and dependable

Sponsorship Committee Member(s):

  • Outgoing & well spoken
  • Team player to help support and encourage other members to reach their goals
  • Great follow-up skills to keep in constant communication with potential sponsors
  • Coachable and willing to learn new skills and techniques to help with reaching the committee goals
  • Well spoken, professional, persuasive, personable and dependable
Transition Conversation with Previous Sponsorship Director
This should occur within the first two weeks of election as Sponsorship Director.  All the documents on GoogleDocs should be shared and all the sponsorship templates such as tax receipts, invoice, pledge form and tracker should be shared on Dropbox.  Copies of previous years’ sponsorship packets should also be shared on Dropbox for the committee to be able to reference.
Division of Responsibilities
Ideally, the committee director should make the initial contact with past sponsors to try to obtain the sponsorship again since they’ve been a past supporter before.  The process to have them sponsor again should be simple and easy and the director should always start by thanking them and showing appreciation for all they have done for our organization.  Additionally, there should be a local sponsorship team to canvass and reach out to local businesses for their support.  The other committee members should split a list of companies and organizations they’ve brainstormed from the initial committee calls and get in contact with the companies as soon as possible.  The list should be updated at least every two weeks with the status of the contacts made.  In addition, everyone should continue to be on the lookout for other potential sponsors at all times.
Process of Obtaining Sponsorship Money

  1. Create a sponsorship packet – Director should work with the Executive Directors of the conference to connect with the person that could create the sponsorship packet.  Older versions of the packet will be made available through Dropbox.
  2. After splitting the companies/organizations to connect with, each member should make contact with the companies and ask to speak to their personnel in charge of sponsorship.
  3. Use the sponsorship tracker on excel for help with “wordtracks” to use and to track the progress of the committee.
  4. Once agreement is made, send over the pledge for the company/person to sign and see where to send the check.  Save a copy of this in a folder and add the company/person to a tracker.
  5. Follow-up with Treasurer to make sure check is received and mark it on the tracker.
Authored by: Lan-Anh Nguyen, Sept. 2011


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