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Reimbursement Process

  • Please complete a form for each receipt/invoice, especially if they’re from different vendors or different days.  VIPs are an exception: they can include flights and hotels on one form.
  • In the Personal Information section, fill in the mailing address where you would like to receive the reimbursementcheck.  I’ll be sending payments via postal service.  If you’re moving out soon, don’t use your current address.
  • In the Expense Report section, list the items and amounts for which you would like to receive reimbursement. Category will typically be your committee.  Description should be as specific as possible.  For example, instead of just “Decorations”, Christina should list balloons, beads, crowns, etc.  If you need more lines, please continue on another page and attach.
  • Sign and date the form.  This is to ensure that I’m not writing checks frivolously, and that there is a legitimate recipient and expense.
  • Choose one of the following methods for submission: 1) scan and e-mail the signed form to me, or 2) postal mail the signed form to me.  For speedier staff reimbursements, please send to the following address instead of the one on the form: 2216 Longview Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191.
  • Whenever possible, please send me the original receipts.  For online purchases, you can just forward the electronic invoice or confirmation from the vendor.  For store purchases though, or any transactions which gave you a physical receipt, please postal mail me those receipts.  Again, this is to ensure proper accounting and record-keeping on my part.  I’m willing to accept scanned receipts on a case-by-case basis.  As a last resort, I may even accept credit card statements or bank statements.  If none of those are possible, please send me a kindly-worded e-mail explaining the situation.
  • Please be aware that we might not fulfill every reimbursement request.  Priority will go to expenses that were included in your committee budget, or that I approved in later conversations.  If you request something that wasn’t approved, or if we simply don’t have enough money, then you might not receive payment from us.


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