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Registration System Guide

The UNAVSA registration system was developed by Son Nguyen (Midwest) and was used for UNAVSA-7 and UNAVSA-8. Mr. Nguyen has continued to graciously allow UNAVSA to use the system even after his departure as IT Director. UNAVSA continues to use the system to this day.

Mr. Nguyen’s registration system is very robust — it’s ability to manage conference registration, workshop registration, family system, and hotel registration/roommate matching that this system stands alone. There are very little solutions that are this specific to UNAVSA’s needs.

The registration system can be accessed here: http://conference.unavsa.org/registration/adm1n.php

There are two passwords: XXXX and XXXX

The former is all access while the latter is limited to mostly viewing stuff. This login might be good to give to Annie, for example, because he needs to see the attendee counts for the workshops, but not change users’ payment status.

Users Page
The list of registered users. The following columns are editable: first, last, org. Just click on them to edit then press enter to save. Next to that are the payment status for the registration fee and hotel fee. Clicking on Yes/No will change to the opposite status.

Putting your cursor over the exclamation point displays what the user has put down for accommodations.

There is also a delete link on the far right. WARNING: as with all of the delete options on this site, there is NO UNDO.

You can also sort the columns by clicking on their headers. This goes for almost all of the tables.

I know we still have to discuss whether this will be used or not so I won’t go into detail.

However, the picture approval tool is on here. Once a user uploads a picture, it will show up here for approval. You can approve it right away, or crop it first then approve. Of course, you can also disapprove, which sends the user an email telling them they need to re-upload another picture.

For badge-making, use the list at the bottom of this page to view each user’s picture.

Sends emails to a bunch of users at once. Select the criterion at the top then fill out the fields at the bottom. To make the emails a bit more personal, you can enter [first] and the system will replace that with the user’s first name.

Ex. “Hi [first]! Thanks for registering!” would show up as “Hi Son! Thanks for registering!” in my inbox.

List of hotel rooms and users in them. The top part is pretty standard.

The bottom part is where you can assign users into certain rooms. It looks like Nam Phuong has already created a room so if you want to place My-Ha into that room, click on the room code cell and enter 630-15 then press enter.

Editing/deleting workshops. There is a link at the top to change the display status. This controls whether users can select the workshops yet. I would hold off on changing this to live until very close to the conference. It gets convoluted when you change the workshop choices after people have already selected some.

The open/close status show if the workshop is currently available for selection. If it’s closed, people will still be able to see it, but not select it. This is an incentive to select workshops early.

Under each workshop there is a roster list of people who have selected it. For VIA-1, we gave this list to the speaker chaperons and they checked names at the door. Like bouncers! It worked pretty well and didn’t take that long. You also only have to check the popular workshops since, in theory, only they will reach room capacity.

If the fees change, go here to update them.

Coupon codes are here. Vicky has already created one for staff that brings the registration fee down to $50. One important note is the user will have to register, log into their account, and then visit the special links that are listed there in order to see the coupon field.

You can also update the message that goes at the top of each page here.


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