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Media Committee Guide

The media committee is a vital group that will help promote the conference and bring in media sources across the country to document and spread the PR of not only the event itself but the organization as well. The duties of the committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Create videos and slide shows for conference weekend
  • Invite media/press to conference
  • Organize photographers and videographers
  • Create post-conference video/slideshow
  • Compile media from conference week to archive

General Timeline

  1. Contact local and national press (American, Asian and Vietnamese) and send invitations to  conference
  2. Gather/organize footage from previous conferences
  3. Create promotional videos to market the upcoming conference (work with Marketing committee and only as needed, Marketing is free to create their own videos)
  4. Find/contact photographers and videographers to work during conference weekend
  5. Create contract for photographers/videographers
  6. Compile list of equipment owned/equipment needed for conference weekend
  7. Develop plan/delegate specific roles for photographers/videographers (contact logistics for detailed schedule of conference activities)
  8. Create master schedule of all media personnel
  9. Plan ahead to prepare for post-conference video/slideshow
Responsibilities  (Detailed overview of responsibilities)
All local and national television news, radio stations, and print media (local news channels, CNN, SBTN, USA Today, Vietnamese newspapers, etc.) need to be contacted and be introduced to UNAVSA and the UNAVSA Conference. A formal invitation should be sent out to invite the media team to gather footage to shoot a news clip or conduct interviews to feature the conference.It’s best to contact these sources months in advance through an email. Then go into a more aggressive route when conference is closer with phone calls. This however does not mean calling them several times a day with angry messages. Remember to always be polite and respectful since you are a representative of the organization. How you communicate depends on what you want achieved.

Photographers and videographers need to be found and contacted to volunteer to document all the various conference weekend activities through photographs and videos. Equipment used should be that of the various volunteers or from anyone willing to lend their equipment. The photographers and videographers need to be given specific tasks and assignments so that all conference activities are documented at any given time. Contracts need to be drawn up and signed so that all documentation of anything related to UNAVSA is UNAVSA property and should be given to UNAVSA before end of conference weekend. These contracts should also note that UNAVSA is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment that photographers and videographers bring.

Media coverage of workshops is just as important, if not more important, than the culture show and gala. Keep that in mind when you are assigning photographers and videographers throughout the weekend. Additionally, keep in mind that media resources should keep their shots professional. We understand that social events can be fun and crazy, but that doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for the Media team to document. Leave those pictures to people taking their own personal photos, we don’t want to take any footage that will show an unprofessional side of UNAVSA.

Post-Conference Video/Slideshow
A video/slideshow documenting all aspects of the entire conference weekend will be shown on Sunday at closing ceremonies. Preparations and planning need to be made so that enough documentation is gathered throughout the conference in order to produce the video. The media committee will work on the video either throughout the weekend as a continuous project or Saturday night, depending on what the team feels works the best. Flexibility is given to the team just as long as the video is ready to be given to the Executive Directors and Executive Board to review early Sunday morning and make any necessary changes before the public view of the video at closing ceremonies.

Lessons Learned
Be hospitable to the media sources and offer water and snacks. You can also have hospitality to help out with making them feel welcomed. Also, do not forget about making sure the photographers/videographers are fed and also given water and snacks.

Press badges are required of new sources and should be discussed in advance with the registration committee at least a month before conference week.

It’s important to touch base with each media source and VIP hoping to attend. Once again being polite and respectful will get you very far in these goals. Knowledge of the mission and vision of the organization will be also important to know. If anytime you are uncomfortable with these tasks you can also bring in an Executive Director or Executive Board member to assist.

Make sure to write thank yous to all the involved parties who came to document and attend. Ongoing relationships are important to the sustainability of the organization and awareness of the work UNAVSA accomplishes should be recognized.

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