UNAVSA History and Milestones

    Timeline   2003 – Founders meet at Dai Hoi 3 2004 – First NAVSA Conference held in Boston, MA; First election held 2004 – Quoc Phan beats Minh Chau in election — becomes first President 2005 – NAVSA collaboration with VIA-1 to host second NAVSA Conference; CPP formed — VietACT is first beneficiary; […]

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What does it mean for a 501c3 to be non-partisan?

Legally, you just can’t endorse candidates or parties. As a 501(c)3, UNAVSA can take any position it wants on issues that it considers important. Conceptually though, UNAVSA should only take stances on issues that reflects the opinion of the constituents. I don’t see UNAVSA as an advocacy organization, but rather a community organization where decisions […]

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President Guide

Overview [Content Here] Responsibilities¬† [Content Here] Lessons Learned [Content Here] Reference Material¬† [Content Here] Appendix        

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