Management and Leadership Processes

John Kotter, in his 1990 book, “A Force for Change — How Leadership Differs from Supervision/Management,” draws a distinction between management and leadership. He summarizes the classic supervision/management processes as follows: Planning and Budgeting — setting targets or goals for the future, typically the next month or year; establishing detailed steps for achieving those targets, […]

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

1. Take the test here with this link: 2. Once you have figured your personality types, read this article below: Myers_and_Briggs_Personality_Types.pdf 3. Locate your career type. For example if you are an ENFP or INFP, you would be an explorer. If you were an ESTJ or ENTJ, you would be a conductor. 4. In […]

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Plus/Delta Activity

Object: The object of this activity is to generate constructive feedback Number of participants: Any Duration: 10-45 minutes How to Play Make two columns: one for “plus” and one for “delta” (the Greek symbol for change). Ask the group to reflect on what was positive or repeatable about an activity and capture their thoughts under the “plus” column. […]

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