Executive Committee

Overview The UNAVSA Conference Executive Committee is comprised of two or more Executive Directors. The Executive Director(s) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the UNAVSA conference staff, program, and execution of the UNAVSA conference mission and goals. Responsibilities Leadership & Management: Ensure programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance, fundraising, sponsorship, […]

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Sample Interview Questions

Tell us what you know about UNAVSA. Tell us about yourself. What’s your current involvement with the Vietnamese community (school/or at-large)? Why are you interested in this position? What are your qualifications related to this position? Why are you interested in participating with UNAVSA? What is your biggest weakness? Other questions to choose from: Why […]

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Executive Director Guide

Executive Director Committee Guide Overview The Executive Directors’ duties and responsibilities include (but are not limited to): Understanding UNAVSA’s mission and vision Managing team dynamics Upholding the proper chain of command and decision-making process Negotiating with the hotel and various venues for rooms and facilities Planning and leading the staff retreat Scheduling and conducting director […]

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