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About the UNAVSA Knowledge Base
This knowledge base was started in July 2010 by Huy Duong under the approval of the Executive Board of Brian Vo with the intent of storing and centralizing all knowledge of the UNAVSA community in order to promote sharing and help sustainability. The original system was based on the open source application Twiki. In November 2011 it was migrated to WordPress.

Goals of the project include:
Low maintainence system in terms of IT.
Easy way to contribute knowledge
Help create sustainability by storing historical knowledge.
Easily sharable for any organization to read and follow.
Knowledge should be easy to retrieve.
Easy to obtain feedback so we can implement improvements.

What are we solving?
Have you ever asked yourself to how I run a meeting? How do I start a UVSA? How to run a project? These are questions asked over and over all the time. A lot of times knowledge is controlled by an individual, but what happens when that person moves on? We’re trying to prevent re-inventing the wheel here. How handy would it be if you started a project and had historical data on how similar projects were ran? What worked? What didn’t? This would help you avoid mistakes that were made in the past without you having to learn them yourself.

If you are in a leadership role, this makes your job easier, instead of having to make sure people keep their tasks moving and worrying if they drop the ball when they don’t know how to do something, you train them to look at the knowledge base for everything. If there isn’t content, request it or even create it yourself!

What is a Knowledge Base?
A knowledge base is a central repository of knowledge relavent for the organization. This can include articles such as “How to create a knowledge base article?” To even more complex topics as “How to run a CPP campaign?”. Everything should be stored, meeting minutes to even why decisions were made. This historical knowledge is important, no matter how small.